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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for SEO

Q. How should I choose my SEO Service Provider?

When choosing a SEO Service provider, make sure they are credible by checking testimonials and recent references. Be sure to check that you fully understand what you are getting in return for your money. We have excellent seo client testimonials and you can be sure that we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

Q. what is Organic or Natural Ranking?

Good organic ranking in search engine results (SERP's) means that your website gets displayed naturally in search engine results without the use of paid search promotion methods. A site that has good organic placement is likely to be more stable in the long term search engine positions, with fewer chances of position changes due to new algorithms applied by top search engines. We always focus on strong organic placement of our client's website.

Q. what is PPC?

PPC or Pay Per Click is an advertising method where an advertiser pays money for their ads displayed on a given website or search engine if and only if someone actually clicks on the ad. It is a fast way to get your website noticed and can be useful in initial stages but a costly option as a long term strategy.

Q. what is the main difference between Organic SEO and PPC advertising?

We work conscientiously to get your website listed in top search engines on a natural or organic way and you don't have to pay anything when someone clicks on your link in the search engine listings. With PPC, you have to pay a certain amount when someone clicks on your link as it is a paid form of advertising.

Q. what is Black hat SEO?

Black hat SEO means employing methods such as Invisible text or hiding white text on white background, keyword stuffing or spamming keyword tags with hundreds of keywords, or cloaking, link farms, Doorway pages and article spinning. The Search engines look for these cheats and penalize your site for their use. We don't use black hat techniques and only use ethically approved SEO techniques.

Q. what is White hat SEO?

White hat SEO means employing methods that are ethical and natural strategies as per webmaster guidelines by Google. Rather than attempting to get around the system, We use White Hat Techniques and simply make certain that your website is naturally the best option for your potential customers.

Q. why is my site not showing up in Google, Yahoo, Bing or the other search engines?

There can be many reasons for a web site to not show up in a search engines results, we have listed some reasons which can affect your web sites search engine positioning.

  • Your website design is not a search engine optimized web design.
  • Your site is not readable by search engine robots and hence not getting indexed.
  • You have used some scripts which can prevent search engine spiders or bots from crawling your web site and reading its content.
  • Your website has been banned or blacklisted by Search engines for some black hat trick which you may have used knowingly or unknowingly.
  • Your website has not been properly submitted to the search engines.

Note - Repeated submissions to search engines do not help in getting your site indexed.

Q. My site shows up in search results for different keywords than from which I want.

There are specialized techniques involved in optimizing a site to rank well in Search Engines for specific keywords. It is just not achieved by using hundreds of keywords in your Meta tags; actually this can have a negative effect on your rankings as it is considered spam by search engines. Our Search engine optimization experts can help you in this matter.

Q. What is Keyword Research in SEO?

Keyword research is very important part of any SEO process and has a big affect on the outcome, it is researching of what people are searching for and what phrases they use to find what they want and this helps in selection of best keywords and key phrases for SEO. We research most important keywords for important pages you want indexed, and highly listed in engines. The data generated allows us to select what key words/phrases are most suitable for your website and our keyword research experts identify the best keywords to target for your business.

Q. what are Back links and why are they important for my website?

Back links are Links originating from one website and pointing to another website or web page. In your case it will be links pointing to YOUR website on OTHER websites. Back links are important for your websites as they are very useful for getting a higher ranking for your website. The quality and text used for linking in back links is also very important for your search rankings.

Q. Do you offer any guarantees?

Yes we guarantee that we will do our best to get your website ranked in top spot in all major search engines. Yes we guarantee that we do not use any Black hat techniques and only use the Ethical White hat techniques in our SEO process. We do not own the search engines and can manipulate in any way they list search results, but we guarantee you that we have enough expertise to get you best possible website ranking in top search engine and our claim is backed by a list of our satisfied clients.

Q. how much money I will have to spend for SEO?

The costing for your website SEO will be determined after our SEO experts analyze your website. We guarantee that we do not overcharge our clients and our services are worth every rupee our clients pay. Our quotation is usually for a minimum three months SEO Services.

Importance of SEO for Your Website

search resultsThe benefits that your business can get by high a ranking website on the search engine for selective keywords are enormous.

The top ranking position on Google or other search engines does not come easy, you have to work towards building a standing with these search engine sites to get your website ranked high in the results.

In order to achieve the best placement on the search engines getting SEO done from a good SEO Company for your website is very important.