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SEO Terms and Definitions Explained

List of Common SEO Terms

Below is a brief list of some of the common SEO Terms and definitions which you may have come across. This is not a complete list by any means and given here just for information purpose.

Keywords - Words that are used by search engines to determine the topic of a given web page.

Meta Tags - descriptive information on a web page that helps a search engine identify the purpose and topic of a given web page.

Alt Tag - An HTML attribute typically used within the IMG tag to provide alternate text when images cannot be displayed.

- Links originating from one website and pointing to another website or web page. In your case it will be links pointing to YOUR website on OTHER websites.

Black Hat SEO - Use of unaccepted or banned SEO practices in order to get higher rankings and more traffic for a website.

Gray Hat SEO - Use of SEO practices which border on verge of Black hat or are still not classified in order to get higher rankings and more traffic for a website.

White Hat SEO - Use of fully Ethical and as per guidelines SEO practices in order to get higher rankings and more traffic for a website.

CPC - Cost Per Click. Typical the amount incurred for acquiring web traffic.
Blog – a type of website maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as images or video on a particular subject or in general.

Bot - Program written to search the web automatically (web robots, web crawlers, internet bots, spiders) for various reasons (to index web pages, for spamming purposes, etc.).

Conversion - Web traffic that fulfills a pre-defined goal, such as purchasing of a specific product or filling out a registration form, etc.

Google PageRank - Google PageRank™ is a numeric value that represents how important a page is on the web.

Organic Search - Search results listing in a search engine that are not paid advertisements and are results that come up naturally based on their indexing within a search engine.

PPC - Pay Per Click. Advertising method where an advertiser pays money for their ads displayed on a given website or search engine if and only if someone actually clicks on the ad.

SERP - A search engine results page or pages (SERP's), is the listing of web pages returned by a search engine in response to a keyword search query

SEM - Search engine marketing - A form of Internet marketing that tries to promote the website by increasing its visibility in search engine result pages (SERP's) through the use of various methods like search engine optimization, paid placement and inclusion, contextual advertising, and PPC campaigns.

404 Error Server Code - A “not found” message which means Server cannot find the page requested.

Affiliate Marketing - A marketing program in which an advertiser pays an affiliate for driving traffic to his site. An Affiliate gets paid a commission based on order completed or lead generated as per mutual agreement.

search resultsImportance of SEO for Your Website
The benefits that your business can get by high a ranking website on the search engine for selective keywords are enormous.

The top ranking position on Google or other search engines does not come easy, you have to work towards building a standing with these search engine sites to get your website ranked high in the results.

In order to achieve the best placement on the search engines getting SEO done form a good SEO Consultant for your website is very important.

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